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GDC 274-275: “Coherent diocesan catechetical programmes”

What should a diocese offer in terms of catechetical programming connected with Christian Initiation? Today’s sections tell it: 274. The diocesan catechetical programme is the global catechetical project of a particular Church, which integrates, in a structured and coherent way, … Continue reading

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Magnificat, St Columba

Keeping on the theme of Marian songs this month, I thought I’d post this recording my friend Katherine and I did a few years ago of my metrical Magnificat text set to the tune of St Columba. I don’t consider … Continue reading

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Tarantula Bursts With Stars

Astronomy Picture of the Day has been knocking me out this past week. Today they feature the Tarantula Nebula from the Hubble Heritage site, so big and bold we can see it with the unaided eye from across intergalactic space. … Continue reading

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The Dance Regional Semi-Finals

Barring a huge comeback by “The Summons,” the regional semi-finals are set: In the violet corner, we have #1 You Are Mine vs #12 O Come O Come Emmanuel and #7 Holy Holy Holy vs #14 Veni Sancte Spiritus For … Continue reading

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RDCA II, 14-15: Relics and Dedication Prayer

Numbered sections 14 through 16 introduce the Liturgy of Dedication which takes place after the homily and before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The first part of this would be the placement of the relics: 14. If it is to … Continue reading

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GDC 272-273: “The importance of an effective co-ordination of catechesis”

The coordination of catechesis will be the topic of the next few posts covering GDC sections 272 through 278. Today, we start by reading about the “The importance of an effective coordination of catechesis.” 272. The co-ordination of catechesis is … Continue reading

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Hold Your Breath: A Good Word For The Episcopacy

A few of my readers take me to task for never hardly ever having a good thing to say about bishops. In my defense, I might say that Christus Dominus was one of the very first Vatican II documents studied … Continue reading

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