About Those Couples

wedd 1Twenty couples will exchange marital vows Sunday, witnessed by Pope Francis. CNS has a feature story on it. I sure hope not too much is made of the falling skies of various situations of some of the couples: cohabiting, children, second marriage for at least one. One of the brides:

We’ve known each other for five years and our wanting to get married in the church stems from no longer wanting to live in a union and with feelings that are deprived of some of the sacraments.

From the journalist:

When their parish told them about the possibility of having their marriage in the church presided over by the pope, they said they were shocked. “We didn’t feel worthy, because of our age and personal background.”

Previous witnessing by the pope has been in 2000 and 1994. Why does it take a special year for things like this to happen?

I wonder if this will spur any bishops to celebrate likewise. Not quite as glam, going to the cathedral and getting married with a few other couples, a mostly-unknown prelate officiating.

Over the years, I’ve known a few couples who have put off a wedding for no other (stated) reason than a lack of finances. Not often enough do parishes offer a better way: start married life with love and grace instead of with bling.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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