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On My Bookshelf: Theology of Christian Marriage III

In the first chapter of Walter Kasper’s Theology of Christian Marriage, a few things struck me. In looking at “the human values of marriage,” he looks at the Augustine’s emphasis on the three “goods” of marriage (descendants, mutual love and … Continue reading

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Beyond Damage Control

The Vatican Information Service has a summary of changes in procedures for declarations of nullity. It seems that pastoral and spiritual care for marriages irretrievably broken is important. Divorced persons (at least those outside of the realm of celebrity) are … Continue reading

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What About Sacramental Grace?

Peter Nixon’s blog post from last month got expanded into the latest issue of Commonweal. Good. He was certainly among the best of the Catholic bloggers of the last decade. I was pondering his musings about the relative frequency of … Continue reading

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About Those Couples

Twenty couples will exchange marital vows Sunday, witnessed by Pope Francis. CNS has a feature story on it. I sure hope not too much is made of the falling skies of various situations of some of the couples: cohabiting, children, … Continue reading

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Support For Marriage

UCANews has interesting information from Asia, but it’s often interesting to see what stories they pick up from around the world. Like this feature on five ways people have stemmed marriage break-ups in the US. Interesting that all five of … Continue reading

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Marriages Mixed and Pure

PrayTell reported on divorce rates as a function of religious identification, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and no belief. C P E N C 29% 24% 40% 26% P 24% 42% 32% 63% E 40% 32% 32% 61% N 26% 63% 61% … Continue reading

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Can Children Expect to Have Certain Rights?

I was reading Archbishop SalvatoreĀ Cordileone’s statement about the US Supreme Court striking down DOMA this morning. CNS cited Francis X. Rocca’s conversation with him: He said the effect of the court’s decision is to “undermine in the law the principle … Continue reading

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Poverty, Immaturity, Narcissism

According to Tom Ehrich, these three are the biggest threats to marriage. Not gays, feminists, contraceptives, or other conservative boogeymen and scapegoats of the past half century. I tend to agree. We married couples can be our own worst enemies … Continue reading

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Love Litany

Liturgy News, the quarterly organ of the Brisbane (Australia) Liturgical Commission, had a brief look at this clunker from the new Roman Missal. (I)t remains doubtful whether a revised translation (of the Rite of Marriage) along the lines of the … Continue reading

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