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Cardinal Müller Gossip

Home from retreat, and I see the Catholic internet is abuzz with the gossip that Cardinal Gerhard Müller, head of the CDF, and Cardinal Ratzinger’s second successor, will soon be out. Granted, the man is not playing baseball, but it … Continue reading

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How Composers Work

Home from retreat, and I see Liam’s link from a few days ago on composers at work. I don’t pay close attention to how others do it. I occasionally hear stories. One published composer once told of “how we did … Continue reading

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Sporadic, More Sporadic

Heading off to retreat in a few hours, so less-frequent posting this month will become non-existent. I don’t find the energy to write up a week’s worth on my day off to schedule in day by day. Father John Veltri’s … Continue reading

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Lament in the Psalms

As I’ve prepared my summer bible study for the parish, I’ve been watching the Lectionary psalms with new eyes. This coming weekend’s for example, here. As I was rehearsing with one of my psalmists this afternoon, a bible study participant, … Continue reading

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Music For The Sprinkling Rite: From Your Side, O Christ

The last of five given Easter antiphons for the Rite of Sprinkling is an old, traditional text. The allusion is clear: the soldier plunging his spear into the side of the dead body of Jesus and from there, acclaiming him … Continue reading

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Music For The Sprinkling Rite: O Chosen Race

The fourth choice for a Sprinkling Rite antiphon in the Roman Rite’s Easter Season comes from the New Testament. The context is the first letter of Peter, chapter 2 verse 9, part of a larger discourse on God’s house, built … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation

So, cultural appropriation has become a Thing. And people are losing jobs and/or livelihoods over it. May I side with this writer and throw a bit of gasoline on the conflagration by suggesting that some reactions to “inter-culturation” are positively … Continue reading

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