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Quotable: Who Said It?

“The Latin language is dead, but the Church remains alive. So, too, the language which mediates grace and the Holy Spirit must also be a living language since it is intended for men (sic) and not for angels. No language … Continue reading

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Pulling on Gliese 581 c

New Advent seems to like us; they’ve linked a second astronomy post in a week (the one on Herschel’s possible sighting of the Uranian rings in 1797) and we’ve gotten a bit of traffic here because of it. Let’s see … Continue reading

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The Lord’s Prayer V

(This is Neil.) Last year, at an ecumenical meeting in the Lutheran church of the Most Holy Trinity in Warsaw, Pope Benedict XVI said, “We are grateful to our Lord, because he gathers us together, he grants us his Spirit … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Masses Outside of Churches

I wasn’t asked my opinion on the University of Rochester dorm Mass that attracted so much … um … charity recently. Fine. I won’t give it. However, it does bring to mind many times in which it is not possible or not … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram: Preface (1-4)

In all the hubbub over charity or lack thereof at St Blog’s, let’s enter with a bit of trepidation into the Vatican’s Instruction on Music in the Liturgy, Latin titled, Musicam Sacram. After some consultation with musicians, liturgists, clergy, and … Continue reading

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