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Pretty Pictures From Space–Film Noir Edition

I leave you with these images from Earth spacecraft far, far from home. First, the crescent Saturn in the infrared, courtesy of Cassini: Then Callisto, moon of Jupiter, from New Horizons, which is now leaving Jupiter and heading for Saturn: … Continue reading

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Blogs That Make You Think

Tagged by Tony, (Sorry, man, I’ve been a little busy lately to read my blogroll) I offer five blog sites that “make me think.” In no particular order: dotCommonweal, for their variety of presenters and mostly thoughtful comboxes. If I … Continue reading

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Reading Right

I enjoy a regular dose of conservative writing. The folks at First Things provide food for thought, as well as occasional entertainment, including today’s “debate” on the Bush II presidency. You may well ask what a self-professed liberal is doing … Continue reading

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The Origins of Easter, Sunday and Season

A good question (a few, actually) from the comment box on Easter Vespers: I do not understand what an Easter Vesper is. Could someone please explain that to me? And what does Easter have to do with the resurrection of … Continue reading

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What Science Is and What It Is Not, part 1

Some conservatives especially seem to have great difficulty with the splintering of classical understandings of learning and science. It is true that in the past there was not so much a separation between various learning disciplines. A scientist was trained … Continue reading

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Ad Gentes 37

Ad Gentes treats the topic of Christian communities applying themselves to the missionary effort: But since the People of God lives in communities, especially in dioceses and parishes, and becomes somehow visible in them, it is also up to these … Continue reading

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Code of Conduct

Secular bloggers have beaten us to the punch. Any thoughts of a more stringent code for St Blog’s? Or are we already doing the job?

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