This Weekend’s Readings

So … anybody using the readings for the Conversion of Saint Paul this weekend? If so, any preference on the first reading, Acts 22 or Acts 9, and why?

The USCCB gives the options.

Remember that the official permission is extended to one parish Mass only. Convenient if you’re the pope or a small-town pastor and you only have one Mass anyway. More challenging if your parish is large and your preaching and presiding duties are many. How many pastors would choose to prepare two homilies?

I’d be surprised if many large parishes will do the Conversion of Paul readings for just that one Mass. Which is too bad, really. For most Catholics the Year of Paul is way under the radar, and this weekend won’t help too much.

Any music ministers preparing hymns, songs, or psalms with a Pauline flavor?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to This Weekend’s Readings

  1. Annika says:

    Todd, Thanks so much for this posting! My parish is celebrating the ‘Conversion of St.Paul’ this weekend, at all 6 Masses as per our pastor’s order. (It was my understanding that the initial request came from our Bishop, John McCormick.) I checked your link and realized that our music leaders had been given the wrong psalm number for the feast! (I just knew that Ps17 made no sense. :-)) You saved us all a bit of embarrassment.

    FWIW, I did make different selections for St. Paul than I would have for the 3rd Sunday of OT. All the Ends of the Earth (gasp! Haugen!/it is the opening antiphon),I Will Choose Christ, Turn to Me, Open My Eyes and With One Voice.

    Thanks for your blog!

  2. Jim McK says:

    I looked at the readings for our rcia session, and decided the 3rd Sunday readings were better for talking about St Paul than those for his feast! So our parish is doing the 3rd Sunday, and I will still be talking about unwilling and unlikely preachers like Jonah (and St Paul) and how that call can come unexpectedly, as to Simon and Andrew (and St Paul).

  3. JimTher says:

    With the big controversy over FOCA it highly recommend what Paul has to say
    om 1Cor.5:9 Where he makes a clear pitch for how we may judge Catholics but must
    not judge outsiders.

    If there is ever to be a Third Way between ProLife and ProAbortion we absolu8tely
    must be clear about what Choice means. Currently both Extremes say ProChoice means
    ProAbortion. To hold this is to deny freedom of Choice that is essential in a
    Secular Society. If ProChoice means ProAbortion then ProLifers would not be Free
    to oppose Abortion! Freedom of Choice is freedom to go either way. That is why
    I am free to utterly reject Abortion and opopose it in every possible legal way.
    For ProLife People to equate choice with Abortion is undercutting their own stance.
    They are depriving themselves of their best weapon for defeating Abortion. And in
    the political context they are giving ProAbortion a completely unwarranted
    advantage. How foolish is it to put yourself in a stance opposed to freedom.
    WE should be heralding Our Freedom to choose Life.
    that when Moderate EVangelicals and Catholics deserted the LDemocratic Party and
    formed a Coalitioin with the Fundamentalists they abandoned the very principles that
    enabled Kennedy to be elected as the first Cathlic President – and then bought into
    the Fundamentalist delusion that this is not a Secular but a Christian Nati0on.
    kAS profoundly as we might wish that were true it simply is not the REality and no
    one has benefitted more from this moderate secular culture than Catholics. I say
    “moderate Secular” because there is a fundamentalist secularism that goes against
    the whole American living Tradition that doesn’t want Religion to have any role at all.

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