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FOCA Watch: Mexico City and Penance

I see that Richard M. Doerflinger of the USCCB Pro-Life office is handing out penances today. More great political leadership. He assumes that only conservatives flag down public officials with cards and letters. I can assure him that liberals are … Continue reading

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Day 6: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2009

(This is Neil) I apologize for the late posting here.   Day 6   Christians face to face with disease and suffering “that they may become one in your hand”   II Kings 20: 1-6   Remember me, O Lord! … Continue reading

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Heroes and Aliens

Mary Jane linked this piece on Catholic Exchange. I can appreciate Doreen Truesdell’s perspective–to a point. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan after all, not to mention a hardcore non-comformist. I’ve never really looked to heroes, and when I’ve had expectations … Continue reading

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Making the Grade at Prayer

Michael Sean Winters analyzes the three prominent prayers of the Inauguration festival, those by Bishop Robinson, Pastor Warren, and Reverend Lowery. There’s some good commentary, but I think Winters lets Pastor Warren off real easy with a B+. Rambling gets … Continue reading

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PCS 233-235: Exceptional Circumstances Outlined

In these next sections, the rite briefly outlines what is to come  in chapter VIII, the last three major topics in the rite itself. First, the Continuous Rite: 233. A “Continuous Rite of Penance, Anointing, and Viaticum” has been set … Continue reading

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