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On Campus

A nice CNS feature on campus ministry. I saw a familiar building behind the young woman in the image, and sure enough, the short piece included two people’s testimony from my diocese of origin, as well as my undergrad alma … Continue reading

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Victims and Instigators

Commenter Micha raised the point of victimhood among women who are involved sexually with clergy. It’s a valid question, as it is. It sort of plays into my thesis that most predator clergy focus less on their root sexual orientation … Continue reading

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Not A Mix: Trans and Music Ministry

A transgender organist/choir director is fired in Italy. Comment from the musician: I never would have thought that my condition would have caused problems in the workplace. Well, the person does work for the Catholic Church, and trans is misunderstood … Continue reading

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Women Are Targets

Jimmy Mac sent me this link from the WaPo on women targeted by clergy. Three percent is a substantial number, figuring 220-some million Christians overall and 40-some percent attending or involved in church. Three million women, give or take. The … Continue reading

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