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Archangel Raphael

A few years ago, I began a litany to Archangel Raphael, whose feast is today, and shared by Michael and Gabriel. I was trying to pull out themes from the book of Tobit, in which he figures prominently. Raphael, messenger … Continue reading

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USCCB Asked To Fund Religious Visitation

Amid the constant calls from the Catholic Right to disband the USCCB, I wonder how this funding request from Rome will fly in those circles. I expect most bishops will be good soldiers and pass the request on to the … Continue reading

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Kids In The Liturgical Crosshairs

In twenty-plus years as a parish liturgist, I’ve shepherded young people through any number of special events. Often, a family requests a teen or even a child sing at a wedding or funeral. That’s usually a challenging situation. A friend … Continue reading

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The Hermeneutic of Subtraction

Meredith enjoyed the expression “Hermeneutic of Subtraction.” I don’t know if it’s original with me, but I do observe it quite a bit. To be fair, it’s not just a characteristic of conservatives, but of many aspects of our society. … Continue reading

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