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“From That Vulnerable Faith Place”

Church musician Lisa Lynne Mathis offers an essay in The Christian Century that puts a perspective of experience on church music. It includes: Singers in particular often perform music in church for all the wrong reasons. We singers are profoundly … Continue reading

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Cardinal Hummes: Doesn’t Get It

In principle, the notion can’t be faulted: A leading Vatican official has proposed a worldwide program of eucharistic adoration to seek spiritual reparation for the damage caused by the sexual abuse of children by priests. Cardinal Claudio Hummes, prefect of … Continue reading

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Fuss On Blair

Zenit is back from Christmas break, and Father John Flynn sums up the fuss over Tony Blair joining the Catholic Church. John Smeaton, national director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said in a Dec. 22 press … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Proclaiming the Date of Easter

Diana Macalintal, who blogs at Work of the People, posts on the proclamation of the date of Easter. Obviously, I missed it. But does anybody else use these proclamations at liturgy, or do you just tell the masses to read … Continue reading

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Macrofauna Moon?

Paul Gilster at Centauri Dreams writes of a scientific paper he’s reviewing that analyzes the potential oxygenation in Europa’s sub-crustal ocean. We know Europa has liquid water beneath its icy veneer. The challenge for those seeking off-Earth life is considerable. … Continue reading

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Looking For Religiosity In All The Wrong Places

Rich Leonardi posts his usual poke at the Bishop of Rochester. Today’s sin is being conservation-minded. Cardinal Pell doubts climate change, and that’s good enough for Rich. From Pell’s mouth: Perhaps they’re looking for a cause that is almost a … Continue reading

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RP 49, 94-96: Form II (or III): Greeting

The presidential greeting for the communal rites are interesting. RP 49 gives two choices first: 49. After the song the priest greets the congregation: Grace, mercy, and peace be with you from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior. … Continue reading

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