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Qatar’s Our Lady of the Rosary Church

The new Catholic Church in Qatar, that nation’s first, was getting a lot of media attention for the grumbling in Qatar, and the fact that Catholics there will emerge from their garages and basements. What do you think of the … Continue reading

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Banner at Church

Our narthex, to be exact. Came in this morning for 7:30 Mass, and what did I find over the display of palms and red cloth? “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” I knew an Irish-origin priest who once abrogated the purple altar … Continue reading

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DMC 46: Singing The Word

A brief section on singing: 46. Verses of psalms, carefully selected in accord with the understanding of children, or singing in the form of psalmody or the Alleluia with a simple verse should be sung between the readings. The children … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Live Animals on Palm Sunday

NIMP* but my wife reports this around the time she became a Catholic. One year they couldn’t find a donkey, so the pastor, in full liturgical garb, rode to the church entrance on a horse. Another year, they did find … Continue reading

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