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Elizabeth or Red/White/Blue?

The Vox Nova commentariat is “predictably” vigorous in discussing tomorrow’s optional memorial or votive Mass for Us independence. The Catholic Peace Fellowship is solidly in Elizabeth’s court. I can’t buck that decision. I knew one priest who absolutely insisted on … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #61 Is Up

The latest Space Carnival is up, ready for viewing and surfing, courtesy Mang’s Bat Page. That image above? It’s M64, the Black Eye Galaxy from NASA’s Hubble Telescope gallery. Nothing to do with the carnival, but a spectacular sight nonetheless.

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FIYH 53-54: Getting Behind The Scriptures

The bishops suggest the Scriptures be used not as cover, but as real words God speaks to real people: [53] To preach from the Scriptures in this way means that we have to “get behind them,” as it were. We … Continue reading

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On Adoption

In bits and pieces, I’ve shared some part of my family’s adoption story here on Catholic Sensibility and in comboxes elsewhere over the years. My friends at InsideCatholic asked me to write something over there. So I took a┬ábreak from … Continue reading

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Promotion or Not?

Lots of bloggers are abuzz the past week with Archbishop Burke’s immediate move to Rome as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. A contrast in commentariats tackles the issue. At dotCommonweal the few, the proud, and the brave “orthodox” are basically … Continue reading

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