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The Armchair Liturgist: Integrating New Accompanists

I was going to do an “armchair liturgist” post on First Communions, but we’ve already hit that topic. If you care to read it and post your comments, feel free. Your additions to that old thread will bring it to … Continue reading

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RCIA 39: Sympathizers

Let’s get to the section, then I’ll add comments at the end: 39. It belongs to the conference of bishops to provide for the evangelization proper to this period. The conference may also provide, if circumstances suggest and in keeping … Continue reading

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Accessing the Liturgy

Our staff and a¬†few parish commissions are thick in the discussion of accessibility, mainly at our weekend Masses. Though we are getting good marks on the issues of welcoming and accommodation, we have some items to tweak. Some of the … Continue reading

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The Right’s Patched-Up Old Coat

It’s a page straight from the Republican playbook. Don’t like someone? Get them fired. And start a web site for it. Consider the conservative patched-up old coat (corrolary here) and how it bridges the gap between a principled stand for … Continue reading

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