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Lynch Draws Some Fire

One bishop muses on Notre Dame, the president, and the protest generated by their convergence: I am more alarmed that the rhetoric being employed is so uncivil and venomous that it weakens the case we place  before our fellow citizens, … Continue reading

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Science Books

For the past several months, I’ve been mostly disappointed in the fiction I’ve been picking up at the public library. I’ve also exhausted the astronomy section there, too–at least the books published in the past ten years for adults. Earlier … Continue reading

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No Conscience Protections in Beloit

An e-mail correspondent asked me to comment on the situation of Ruth Kolpack and Bishop Robert Morlino. I’m not sure I have anything constructive to say. One, I haven’t read her thesis. Two, I’m not privy to the accurate or … Continue reading

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RCIA 14: More Priests

14. The priest who baptizes an adult or a child of catchetical age should, when the bishop is absent, also confer confirmation, (Rite of Confirmation, Introduction no. 7b) unless this sacrament is to be given at another time (see RCIA … Continue reading

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Preconciliar Bishops Knew

… but did they take the threat seriously? NCR reveals prelates and a pope heard from the founder of a religious order whose apostolate was working with “problem priests.” It’s one instance, but given Father Fitzgerald’s extensive work with many … Continue reading

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More On Translations: The Progressive Solemnity Flaw

South African bishop Edward Risi takes a publicity campaign to the readers of The Southern Cross and explains some of the thought behind the new English translations. Whether or not the bishops there have to pull the translations now or … Continue reading

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“The Right Is Meaner”

Archbishop Chaput compares internet correspondence: The left mail I get will use terrible words but be less vitriolic. They use the F-word and things like that, call me names like that. But the right is meaner, but they’re not as … Continue reading

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Another Conundrum

The pro-life effort at parental notification has been a bit of a mystery to me. Given the numbers in the general populace being “okay” with abortion, I always wondered if this was an issue pro-lifers really wanted to emphasize. I’ll … Continue reading

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Pepper, Stings, and the Vast Middle Ground

Kevin from Texas makes a very germane and important comment on the latest Bishop Tobin thread: As a point of reference, I’ve searched in vain over the archives of your blog for the past few weeks to see even one … Continue reading

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Life and Choice in the Media

Here’s a question for pro-lifers (and others, too) in the reading audience: If you had a choice between public media (print, tv, radio) that permitted no abortion ads or PSA’s, either promoting choice or life, or having it be open … Continue reading

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RCIA 13: The Role of the Priest

Like the bishop, the priest has a particular role in the process of initiation: 13. Priests, in addition to their usual ministry for any celebration of baptism, confirmation, and the eucharist (see Christian Initiation, General Introduction, 13-15) , have the … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Bishop Tobin

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence has a go at reactions to his “interview” with President Obama. I blogged earlier that I simply didn’t find the essay very good, even though on the issue of the morality of abortion, the bishop … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Critique

I enjoy these fluffy attempts of those on the right to justify the state of the world and what it needs by mindless critiques of “liberalism.” What Mr Kalb is grasping for is actually a basic flaw in human nature. … Continue reading

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Hey, Can I End My Honeymoon, Too?

George Wesolek is back from Hawaii and thinks everybody else who chadded in blue should be, too. Let me state as a consistent thirty-year third-party voter, I had no undue hopes for the new 2009-2013 administration, whatever it was to … Continue reading

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More Burke

For a guy who’s been shipped off to Rome, possibly to the relief of his brother bishops, he’s been getting lots of press lately. I found this spot by Austin Ruse on supposed attempts by the American executive branch to … Continue reading

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