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Between Two Points

Maybe we need more. Zenit reports on various sociological studies supporting the case of marriage. There’s a lot of information in the link, none of it greatly surprising. However, when I see two arbitrary points taken, namely 1960 and 2000, … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 20: Taking Care

The liturgy is about more than following rubrics. Liturgical leaders are to set an example, communicating the sense of the sacred. This is a sensible approach. Not every parish can afford the trappings of high-church liturgy. But the sense of … Continue reading

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Supervenus at Gliese 581

This might be my week for the mantra “told ya” when it comes to planetary science. Space.com’s Ker Than reports that Gliese 581c, so well regarded as a possible abode for life, is now thought to be a steamy hellhole: … Continue reading

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