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Limping In and Out of Vacation

It’s hard to call it a vacation when I don’t actually go out of town. I think I had about four calls from the office this week about stuff. I called there once and dropped by one evening to make … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 42-43: Bishops and Priests

We turn to the final sub-section of part II looking at the Eucharist through the ministry of the bishop and priest. First, a reminder of the “public and social” nature of liturgy: 42. The celebration of the eucharist expresses in … Continue reading

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I stumbled across this blog several weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to pass it along to you: Paleo-Future, in which the author looks at how people envisioned the future (meaning today or thereabouts) from the past. Lots of illustrations plus … Continue reading

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Who’s Losing The Catholic Youth?

Over at dotCommonweal, Joseph Komonchak asks the question: (I)s there a significant generation-gap here? Let me take a stab at some possibilities: Young people are involved in Catholicism, just not in their parents’ groups. Some parishes did such a good … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 41: Precious Blood Only

What if a person is unable to receive under the form of bread? 41. In case of necessity and at the discretion of the bishop, it is permissible for the eucharist to be given under the form of wine alone … Continue reading

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Hood in the Titan ‘Hood

Another image from Cassini this week. Here’s Titan as the intrepid space probe passes behind the moon yesterday from the sun’s view. Titan’s ample atmosphere bends sunlight to give the false appearance of an eclipse. As viewed from Saturn, the … Continue reading

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Motumania: 30 Pages to Four, Minus Ecclesiology

Rock has a good bit of information on the motu proprio, as does Boston’s Cardinal Se├ín, one of the participants in this past week’s “public” showing of the mp to certain bishops. The cardinal first: The Holy Father was very … Continue reading

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