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Looking Ugly

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat, had hoped to require House members to lease hybrids and other alternative-fuel vehicles if they wanted taxpayers to foot the bill. He had planned to introduce his proposal as an amendment to a spending … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 28: Saturdays and Vigils

A number of liturgists are concerned that Saturday evening Masses to fulfill Sunday obligations have not worked out really well. The original concession was designed to facilitate the needs of people who are entangled in secular culture that does not … Continue reading

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Losing or Deepening a Sense of the Sacred II

This has the potential to be a very interesting and well-discussed series. Thanks to Gavin and Tony for offering discussion and challenge on part I. Gavin posted: … I’d say stop going on and on about how everyone else is … Continue reading

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