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Orienting New Liturgical Ministers

This is a common sight in our church these days: liturgical minister orientation. Occasionally, two sessions occur simultaneously. On the left, our new liturgy peer minister, Jessica, is working with three new Communion ministers. On the right, 10:30 choir director … Continue reading

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Evangelii Nuntiandi 7: Evangelization Essentials

This is a bridge section just before the Holy Father launches into some particulars. First, the centrality of Jesus himself in the evangelical effort: 7. During the Synod, the bishops very frequently referred to this truth: Jesus Himself, the Good News … Continue reading

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Groeschel on Abuse, Not So Much

I saw this NCReg interview discussed and linked at RNS, and with a bit of trepidation, I’d like to offer a few observations. Fr Groeschel is an expert in a lot of spiritual matters. He is not an expert in … Continue reading

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Built of Living Stones 35: The Role of the Priest

Canon law and the GIRM give us the word for all priests. Then BLS elaborates on the special tasks of a pastor:  § 35 § Priests are consecrated to “celebrate divine worship and sanctify the people.”(canon law 835 § 2) The priest … Continue reading

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Dreher on Isaac @ BBC: “Blessing in Brokenness”

Many in the Catholic blogosphere have followed Rod Dreher in his career and personal shifts to his Louisiana home and away from Roman Catholicism. I haven’t checked his blogging in awhile, but I was pleased to see this good piece … Continue reading

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