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Name That Rover

Nancy Atkinson from Universe Today reports that the Mars Science Laboratory, the next generation of red planet rovers, is looking for a landing site and a name. If you’re a kid, or you know one, you can surf to the MSL site … Continue reading

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CCHD Under Fire

Fascinating developments, these. Angry Catholics are lining up to sink the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Can’t stop women from having abortions. Can’t stop the doctors and medical people from performing them. Can’t stop lawmakers from refusing to legislate against … Continue reading

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PCS 104-107: Three Aspects

In a subsection titled, “Celebrating the Sacrament of Anointing,” the rite gives a detailed description of the “distinct and integral” parts of the sacramental celebration: 104.     There are three distinct and integral aspects to the celebration of this sacrament: the … Continue reading

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