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RCIA 41: Acceptance

Next to the celebration of the Easter Vigil, the Rite of Acceptance is as much of a highlight as you can get in RCIA. When done properly and prayerfully, it is also among the most moving. 41. The rite that … Continue reading

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FOCA Watch: Now We Can Close Our Eyes

From the president: Now, the Freedom of Choice Act is not highest legislative priority. I believe that women should have the right to choose. But I think that the most important thing we can do to tamp down some of … Continue reading

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Bow If You Must

… but wave? Bishops and diocesan liturgy directors are warning off communion from the cup in some places. But this idea seems a little limp to me: (M)embers of our congregations should not be offended at this time if someone … Continue reading

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Laetare Award

Just so I can demonstrate some balance, I’m going to lob something President Jenkins’ way over his statement of finding another worthy recipient. It’s a bad idea. He, or his committee, or whoever, have already decided Mary Ann Glendon is … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled For Catholic Adulthood

Natch, we liturgists have know this for years. Want your kids to be Catholic adults? Take ’em to church every Sunday and holy day. Do you think we clergy, lay ministers, and schools are going to instill it without you? … Continue reading

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More On Glendon’s Self-Disinvite

Professor Mary Ann Glendon promised she would remain silent after her public letter in First Things declining Notre Dame’s Laetare Award and sharing the stage, as it were, with President Obama. Others are not so silent. Her daughter Elizabeth Lev … Continue reading

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RCIA 40: Praying With Priests

This last section of the chapter on the precatechumenate is addressed to clergy: 40. During the precatechumenate period, parish priests (pastors) should help those taking part in it with prayers suited to them, for example, by celebrating for their spiritual … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Integrating New Accompanists

I was going to do an “armchair liturgist” post on First Communions, but we’ve already hit that topic. If you care to read it and post your comments, feel free. Your additions to that old thread will bring it to … Continue reading

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RCIA 39: Sympathizers

Let’s get to the section, then I’ll add comments at the end: 39. It belongs to the conference of bishops to provide for the evangelization proper to this period. The conference may also provide, if circumstances suggest and in keeping … Continue reading

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Accessing the Liturgy

Our staff and a¬†few parish commissions are thick in the discussion of accessibility, mainly at our weekend Masses. Though we are getting good marks on the issues of welcoming and accommodation, we have some items to tweak. Some of the … Continue reading

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The Right’s Patched-Up Old Coat

It’s a page straight from the Republican playbook. Don’t like someone? Get them fired. And start a web site for it. Consider the conservative patched-up old coat (corrolary here) and how it bridges the gap between a principled stand for … Continue reading

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Now Batting For The Ideologues …

I have to admit a fantasy. President Obama goes to Notre Dame, gives a speech largely in favor of supporting unborn life in the womb, and Randall Terry, Bishop D’Arcy, Deal Hudson, and Mary Ann Glendon sit home with egg … Continue reading

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Wrenching a Memory

The family and I were off to Kansas City for a friend’s surprise 50th birthday party yesterday. About 3PM I got a phone call from the boss. Where was the wrench for the holy oils? Yipes. I had misplaced the … Continue reading

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RCIA 38: Ministers of Evangelization

We’ve discussed some general approaches in the past two posts, but what are the particular responsibilities of clergy and catechists? What should the candidates experience during this time to facilitate their initial conversion? 38. During this period, priests and deacons, … Continue reading

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All Old Fasts Are New Again

I read where Steubenville’s Bishop Conlon is urging Catholics to return to Friday fasts. He might have consulted an episcopal document from the last generation, in which the USCCB suggested: 298. As a tangible sign of the need and desire … Continue reading

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