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Sex, Gender, and Such

Lisa Fullam has a terrific summary at dotCommonweal on the basics of sex and gender. It rubs against the Gospel of ToB, but largely seems to be spot-on with what I’ve learned about people. Predictable hand-wringing in the commentariat about … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 41-42: Innovations and Experiments

What about innovations? What happens when a long-standing effort must be blown up or replaced? 41. Apostolic innovations, which are later to be undertaken, should be planned with careful study. Can the Church say it too much? Be exceedingly careful. … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Nehemiah 9:1-20, A Psalm of Memory

We pick up on the long passage in #110 of the Rite of Penance. In yesterday’s post, we looked at the role of memory in reconciliation. We also viewed an introduction of ritual and liturgy into the Israelites’ of return … Continue reading

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Lenten Reflections: Arevakal

Often missed in the blizzard of symphonies Alan Hovhaness composed are various works for orchestra not labeled “symphony,” but which to my ear, don’t sound much different from them. You can hear an early Hovhaness work, his first concerto for … Continue reading

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DPPL 232: Celebrate That Feast

A short section reminding us that a saint’s day is, by definition, a feast. And so we should act like it: 232. A “Saint’s day” also has an anthropological significance: it is a feast day. The feast also echoes¬†(a person’s)¬†vital … Continue reading

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For my daily Lectio, I’ve been in the book of Sirach. A proverb from today’s prayer: Do not let the insolent bring you to your feet, or they may lie in ambush against your words. (8:11) The ambush of outrage … Continue reading

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