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I noticed a flurry of links at Pewsitter about a priest threatening legal action against a Canadian blogger. The former is a fellow Rochesterian who founded and still heads Salt and Light Television, Canada’s version of EWTN. Except not as … Continue reading

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Sister Mary Ann Walsh

CNS has a nice feature on Sister Mary Ann Walsh. She’s the journalist snapped up by America‘s Matt Malone from the USCCB. Sr Walsh had worked as a spokesperson for the bishops for years. Now we can read more of … Continue reading

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Mutuae Relationes 37: More on Religious and Diocesan Clergy

In this section, the Church elaborates a bit more on how diocesan clergy relate to religious. It seems the language here is inclusive of non-clergy among a diocese’s religious men and women. But it would seem that some added attention … Continue reading

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Paying A Mortgage

Much has been made of Pope Francis’ remarks on liturgy to Rome’s diocesan clergy. But I found it more interesting his comments on “retread” seminarians: (Pope Francis) then referred to the case of some bishops who accepted “traditionalist” seminarians who … Continue reading

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Two Bishops Compared

In Australia, on the sex-abuse cover-up scandal, praise for the sacked bishop and jeers for the prelate promoted to head up the Church’s change-purse. From Frank Brennan: We’ve never been given a coherent rationale for Pope Benedict’s sacking of (Bishop) … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze

Iowa’s really cold days were Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Supposedly it got a little warmer yesterday, but I wasn’t outside much to notice or compare. The young miss sent me this news story. The thought struck me that a … Continue reading

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DPPL 228: Roman Calendar

Separate from the listing of saints in the martyrology is the liturgical calendar. Geeks know there is a universal calendar of saints that have (or the Church wishes they would have) worldwide appeal. Added to that in each nation is … Continue reading

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