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Here’s Hoping

With most every Catholic worried at minimum about the imperial presidency (At last, I might say, for our conservative sisters and brothers.) I sure hope we have few imitators of Deacon Greg’s planned homily for the coming weekend. I haven’t … Continue reading

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GDC 132: “The literary genre of the local catechism”

132. Three principal traits characterize every catechism adopted by a local Church: its official character, its organic and fundamental synthesis of the faith, and the fact that, along with Sacred Scripture, it is offered as a reference point for catechesis. … Continue reading

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GIRM 237-251: Communion and Concluding Rites

My intention is not to gloss over important rituals of the Mass, but just to highlight a few of interest: 242. Once the prayer for Communion has been said, the principal celebrant genuflects and steps back a little. Then one … Continue reading

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