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Slow Down

One great thing about science is how its discoveries continue to confound the experts. Venus has slowed down six minutes and thirty seconds in the past twenty years. How on earth does that happen? I mean: how in the hell … Continue reading

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Scamming the Scammers

I’ve been following the story of what appears to be a ticket scam by an Iowa woman. One victim complained he took out a loan on his house, hoping to sell the tickets at a profit, repay the loan, and … Continue reading

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MR3’s EP3

I prayed with Eucharistic Prayer III last night for the first time in the New Age. It was admittedly very cool. Our parish priests have been using II and I exclusively. I’m finding the insistence on “chalice” to be a … Continue reading

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Fraternal Correction

Should we bloggers batten down the hatches in our comboxes? Don’t look now, but Pope Benedict is touting “fraternal correction” as a good theme for Lent 2012: It is important to recover this dimension of Christian charity. We must not … Continue reading

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GDC 139: Pedagogy of God

Chapter I of Part Three is headed with this, “Pedagogy of God, source and model of the pedagogy of the faith,” and footnoted thus: (Dei Verbum 15; General Catechetical Directory 33; Catechesi Tradendae 58; Christifedeles Laici 61; Catechism 53, 122, … Continue reading

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GIRM 281: Communion Under Both Kinds

It’s curious that a Gospel practice would have so much controversy attached to it. Sections 281-287 address last century’s addition of Communion from the Cup for the laity: 281. Holy Communion has a fuller form as a sign when it … Continue reading

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