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An Ash Wednesday Poll

If you’ve tried to clean your thumb after distributing ashes, you know what I’m talking about. Share your preferred method in the poll: Just to warn you: some clergy are positively gaga on the lemon. I worked for a guy … Continue reading

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To Remember, With Great Relief

Thomas Merton on this day in 1950: And yet Ash Wednesday is full of joy. In a minute we will sing None and go barefoot to get ashes on our heads to remember, with great relief, that we are dust.┬áThe … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Why Should They Say?

Why should they say among the peoples, “Where is their God?” Then the LORD was stirred to concern for his land and took pity on his people. (Joel 2:17d-18) It’s got to be the most bitter question a non-believer can … Continue reading

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Steam Planet

News pieces like this are amazing to me. Twenty-five years ago we were acquainted only with planets in our own solar system. Today we know of hundreds, and they are no longer all just data points. We are beginning to … Continue reading

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GDC 154-155: Memorization in catechesis

Memorization: are they serious? They sure are. The title is footnoted thus: Cf. Part I, chap. III; General Catechetical Directory 73; Catechesi Tradendae 55. Memorization needs to be balanced with other ways of learning: 154. Catechetics forms part of that … Continue reading

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GIRM 300-301: Altars, Fixed and Movable

The altar should be dedicated in a formal rite. This is optional for a movable piece, but is likely a good idea. 300. An altar, whether fixed or movable, should be dedicated according to the rite prescribed in the Roman … Continue reading

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Civil War of Religion

Tom Ehrich has the measure of the war on religion. A most uncivil civil war, I would say. Mr Ehrlich’s eight points are worth considering … not that most conservatives are likely to do it. An anti-religion government would divide … Continue reading

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