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Funeral Lectionary: Psalm 27:1, 4, 7+8b+9a, 13-14

The funeral Lectionary includes four of the nine common psalms for Ordinary Time. The most frequently chosen of these (27, 63, 103, 122) is the 27th. Scripture scholars suggest that Psalm 27 is really two distinct pieces, often designated as … Continue reading

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Jupiter 67, Earth 1

That’s the newest tally of natural moons (if you’re keeping score) between the two most important planets in the solar system. Universe Today has the info on Scott Sheppard’s discoveries of the 66th and 67th moons of Jupiter. Temporarily designated … Continue reading

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Healing and Renewal and Seeing Red

CNS covered this week’s four-day conference, “Toward Healing and Renewal,” held at the Vatican. I believe there’s some liturgical service planned–that may have been yesterday, or perhaps today. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that. Meanwhile, an interesting coincidence … Continue reading

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GOP: “Here’s To Somalia!”

My friend Joseph Ganem has the measure of TeaCrazy Republicans, and takes level aim at Representative Eric Cantor: Cantor is part of a loud contingent in Congress who refuse to compromise on budget and tax policies because according to their … Continue reading

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GDC 138: Folding Human Action Into God’s Grace

Let’s look into the “meaning and purpose of Part Three” before hitting up the details. First of all, the ministry of catechesis is nicely described as a blending of our responsibility with God’s grace. 138. In the school of Jesus … Continue reading

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GIRM 278-280: “The Purification”

This section is titled “The Purification,” but that strikes me as a misnomer. We treat spills, drops, and accidents reverently and ideally without a distracting scrupulosity. But the notion that vessels, and other objects need “purifying” when in contact with … Continue reading

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