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Cut The Crucifixions

… say the Filipino bishops. Conference president Jose Palma, Archbishop of Cebu suggests renewal of faith rather than imitating Good Friday: While we are trying to discourage these practices we cannot also judge their intention, especially those who have made … Continue reading

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Dancing Into Holy Week

On the eve of Holy Week, a rather appropriate entry … People seem to love or dislike “Lord of the Dance.” It’s a lovely American tune, but I think the Shaker text “Simple Gifts” is a better fit. That said, … Continue reading

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GIRM 392: Languages

A bit more on translations, and perhaps a more generous role for conferences of bishops than currently exists: 392. It shall also be for Conferences of Bishops to prepare with care a translation of the other texts, so that, even … Continue reading

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GDC 202: “Catechesis and contemporary culture”

If you’re still tracking this document with us, we’re in Part Four, “Those to be catechized,” which will run through GDC 214. The final thirteen numbered sections make up CHAPTER V, Catechesis in the socio-cultural context. The document gives the … Continue reading

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GIRM 391: Lectionary Translation

A brief mention on the Lectionary responsibilities, which, by the book, rest primarily with conferences: 391. It is for the same Conferences of Bishops to attend to the translations of the biblical texts that are used in the celebration of … Continue reading

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Some Musical Notes

This morning, as I was reconnecting favorite sites on my browser, I ran across a YouTube channel for one of my favorite musical groups, Ensemble Polaris (image, left). What a fantastic collection of insanely different musical instruments and styles. Highly commended. … Continue reading

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Passing Over and Looking Good

Archbishop Dolan has been getting poked here and there for political and theological particulars spouted on his recent rightmedia appearances. Here he is at the HuffPo speaking briefly on Holy Week and Easter. This is good material. No question he’s … Continue reading

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