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GILH 159-165: Non-Biblical Readings

Here’s a GILH topic with potential for discussion. The GILH devotes a whole subsection of Chapter III to Readings From the Fathers and Church Writers. This should put to rest the general myth that non-Scriptural readings do not belong in … Continue reading

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Perseus Holds A Comet

Comet 17P/Holmes is now visible for Northern Hemisphere stargazers. On Wednesday this week some outburst from this two-mile-wide body kicked up its brightness from magnitude 17 to nearly 2, a factor of about a half-million. Chris Peterson of Cloudbait Observatory … Continue reading

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GILH 156-158: Short Readings

And what about those Short Readings? 156. The short readings or “chapters” (capitula) are referred to in no. 45, which describes their importance in the liturgy of the hours. They have been chosen to give clear and concise expression to … Continue reading

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For the Catholic Church, this weekend is designated in the US for expressing and celebrating gratitude to clergy. If any of my parishioners are reading, and later wondering, it was agreed to express our thanks next weekend because of our … Continue reading

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