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Jesus and Socrates

(This is Neil.) The Anglican priest, Nicholas Sagovsky, is in the middle of a three-part sermon series at Westminster Abbey on Jesus and Socrates. The first sermon, delivered on October 7, concerns Socrates’ dialogue with Euthyphro, a man who is … Continue reading

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The Archbishop Needs a Blog

I see that Archbishop Niederauer takes aim at the Catholic blogosphere for outing his judgment call on giving Communion to SPI. The blogosphere is a kind of dangerous, endless recess in a global schoolyard, where the bullies with the biggest … Continue reading

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Blessing Dismissal of Catechumens

Most of your parishes have already accepted catechumens by now, I hope. With Lent so early (First Sunday of Lent on February 10th) those who wait for the first Advent Sunday will find their catechumenate period not much longer than Lent … Continue reading

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GILH 133: Get Your Bearings

How do you figure out where you are in the cycle? 133. The four-week cycle of the psalter is coordinated with the liturgical year in such a way that on the First Sunday of Advent, the First Sunday in Ordinary … Continue reading

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