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California Burning

The horrific wildfires north and west of Los Angeles are captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite in images taken not much more than three hours apart.

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Via Lactea

The Astronomy Picture of the Day this past Saturday was a cool composite. Sometimes I’d like to just walk up that road.

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GILH 140-142: Reading of Sacred Scripture in General

Heading to a new subsection of Chapter III, we get to the topic of Reading of Sacred Scripture in General 140. The reading of sacred Scripture, which, following an ancient tradition, takes place publicly in the liturgy, is to have … Continue reading

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Weekend In Iowa

Pardon the scarce posting the past few days. The family made a pilgrimage to Iowa this past weekend. The main intent was celebrating the diaconate ordination of a close friend. His wife passed away just two months ago, and we … Continue reading

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GILH 136-139: Canticles

LH includes items other than psalms. We do have the treasury of other musical items that sometimes look like psalms, and sometimes look like something a bit different: 136. At morning prayer between the first and the second psalm a … Continue reading

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