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RP 19-20: Prayer, Absolution, Praise, and Dismissal

The Rite of Penance’s Introduction concludes its look at the form for an individual penitent.  19. Next, through a prayer for God’s pardon the penitent expresses contrition and the resolution to begin a new life. It is advantageous for this … Continue reading

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Sodium in the Air

Sodium (see left) in Earth’s air would not fly. It will rapidly combine with the oxygen. If caught in the rain, element number eleven will even turn violent. At 1621 degrees F, it is gaseous, and is the first constituent … Continue reading

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No Blue In The Pope’s Adventskranz

The Advent wreath in the papal library has been purged of all blue contribution. Four red candles, as German tradition dictates. German reporter Kirsten Englisch: Using four red candles is the most traditional way. But, really, it is like decorating … Continue reading

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Receiving Notable Personalities

Interesting chat at dotCommonweal about Cardinal Law receiving an Episcopal bishop, Jeffrey Steenson, into full Communion. Most of the commentary there centered on Law’s unworthiness as a scandal-touched figure to continue in the limelight. There’s that, yes, but I had other … Continue reading

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“Another Superb Liturgy”

Friend and occasional CS commentator Jimmy Mac sent this music listing from his parish this past weekend: Today at the 10:00 liturgy @ MHR we had music by the San Francisco State Chorale, under the direction of one of our … Continue reading

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It Would Be A Blue Advent Without Them

I notice in the rush to condemn liturgical blue, the partially-closed cafeteria has confused Advent with Christmas. As they take aim with their anti-blue shotguns, I hope they don’t go off shooting at any Sarumites, Lutherans, Episcopalians, or others in the … Continue reading

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Pray for Peace

My colleague Susie from a nearby parish hosts a monthly liturgy at her parish devoted to music from Taize and contemplative silence. She invited me to sit in with the musicians last night, so I brought my hammer dulcimer. I … Continue reading

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RP 18: Confession

Now we come to what the rite actually calls “confession.” I was criticized for advocating accuracy in speaking about the sacrament of penance, and it is true that the catechism writes of no less than five synonyms. In casual discussion … Continue reading

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