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GILH 225-230: Solemnities

The next rank of liturgical observance, the solemnity, can be identified in the LH because they have an evening prayer celebrated on the vigil: 225. Solemnities have an evening prayer I on the preceding day. 226. At evening prayer I … Continue reading

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To George Or Not To George

After his election to USCCB veep a few years ago, it was really in the bag for the Chicago Cardinal. The lay groups on the bishop watch for sex abuse mismanagement are pushing against Francis George, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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CoC* Watch: Baltimore

Here’s a story in which an Episcopal priest oversteps liturgical boundaries at a Catholic funeral. The pastor is told to resign. The archdiocesan spokesperson cites this as a last straw incident. The priest in question is off for a retreat … Continue reading

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Low Lithium Twin

Astronomers have sifted through carious candidates to find a star as close as possible to our own sun. HIP 56948 fits the bill. Finding a yellow, main sequence star of the sun’s size and age is easy enough. Finding a … Continue reading

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Others Doing Good Work

Two bloggers come to mind today as fitting in this category, an old friend and a new one. Neither hosts 100-post flame wars on liturgy, and their writing doesn’t get much notice in the St Blog’s mainstream. I’d encourage you … Continue reading

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Marriage After Death

At Mass this weekend we get the Sadducees presenting Jesus with a clumsy puzzle of one bride for seven brothers to sort out. He responds: The children of this age marry and remarry; but those who are deemed worthy to … Continue reading

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GILH 218-224: Saints

Part II of Chapter IV treats the matter of saints. My recent copy of Latin Mass magazine contained an essay by Peter Kwasniewski (reprinted by Philip Blosser) critical of the new Lectionary–and I presume by extension–the new arrangement of the … Continue reading

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