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Blogosphere, Meet HD 189733b

Thanks to the team at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, we have a first map of a planet beyond our solar system. You are seeing the super-heated, supersonic clouds of a giant planet only three million miles from its star. … Continue reading

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New Horizons Moving Out

The New Horizons web page includes a mission report from project scientist Alan Stern today. The Pluto-bound probe is already 100 million miles past the largest planet. Images and data from February’s close encounter is still being beamed back to … Continue reading

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Adoption Friendly

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, as announced by the Catholic News Service today, named New Jersey’s Diocese of Metuchen as one of the top-100 adoption-friendly employers in the nation. According to the foundation’s web page, the Metuchen Diocese offers … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Music Commissions (68-69)

Let’s talk commissions: 68. The diocesan Commissions for sacred music are of most valuable assistance in promoting sacred music together with pastoral liturgical action in the diocese. Therefore they should exist as far as possible in each diocese, and should … Continue reading

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