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Strange Maps

Surfing earlier tonight, I ran across a fascinating blog called strange maps. Way, way cool for a map geek like me. Check out this map of evolution teaching. And this one on how the red state/blue state situation shaped up … Continue reading

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Saturn Crescent Rolls By

You can’t see the rings in this natural color image, but the shadows tell the story of what’s in orbit. Here’s another color shot from the Cassini web page and you can see the dark side of the rings: That … Continue reading

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26,000 Words or Less … or Perhaps More

Let me understand this. Karl Keating is telling us all that our parish liturgy stinks, but that Pope Benedict has the answer. One problem. At 26,000 words, the answer is just too gosh darn long. So, pony up some dough … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Instrumental Music (62-67)

“Sacred Instrumental Music” is the topic of the next six sections of Musicam Sacram. First, we read the pertinent quote from Sacrosanctum Concilium: 62. Musical instruments can be very useful in sacred celebrations, whether they accompany the singing or whether … Continue reading

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The Meanings of Crucifixion

(This is Neil.) The title here might seem to be obvious, perhaps even offensively so. Crucifixion meant a great deal of pain and certain death. But there is something else. Crucifixion was also a brutal form of satire. As the … Continue reading

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The Four and Five

In some of the conservative world, black is white, lies are truth, and bitter is really sweet. Michael Novak takes a swing and misses with some Bushy exaggeration on his square today. He has a complaint, maybe a valid one, about … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Melodies for Vernacular Texts (54-61)

Musicam Sacram looks at the “new stuff.” In other words, an eight-part section entitled, “Preparing Melodies For Vernacular Texts.” First we read something at a bit of a variance from the Liturgiam Authenticam sensibility, namely the importance of the “nature … Continue reading

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